Customer Notes


“Strand-Capitol provides a unique opportunity for the public to see and experience shows and events in York for a very reasonable cost. You can enjoy big city entertainment without the long distance travel to get there. Strand-Capitol brings the big city to us. What more could you ask for?”

-Kenton S.
York, PA


“There is no better venue to have an enjoyable night of comedy or entertainment than the Strand-Capitol. I’ve grown up with the Strand, from watching the Nutcracker production every year with my mother growing up, to seeing shows like Sinbad now, I look forward to many more years of entertainment.”

-William N.
East Berlin, PA


“We enjoy the quality entertainment that comes in a venue providing good seating, easy access, friendly volunteers and reasonable prices. We bring various family and friends to different shows each season and always go home with fond memories of a good time enjoyed by all. Excellent value!”

-Kenneth M.
Thomasville, PA


“The Strand is a wonderful place to go and I have had an enjoyable experience every time I have been there! What impresses the most though is their no hassle return ticket policy! I have only ever had to do that one time, and I could not believe how easy they made it. Just one phone call with one of the Strand’s friendly staff, and it was all taken care of!”

-Cathy R.
Elizabethtown, PA


“Favorite experience: receiving updates on new shows that are booked after the annual calendar is distributed. I love that the Strand is constantly looking out for and receptive to new bookings. It feels spontaneous and current ! That and the theater itself is a beautiful venue. No matter where you sit, the view is good.”

-John F.
Harrisburg, PA


“Not only is this a beautiful theater inside, but the acoustics are great, the building is just so gorgeous inside…The people who work there are just about the nicest, sweetest, most accommodating people you can find anywhere, from buying tickets on the phone to the second you walk in the door.”

-Vicky H.
Fairfield, PA


“What I love most is the memories made by seeing your shows with three generations of my family. It has even inspired my 12 year old granddaughter to pursue singing, dancing and acting in her free time. It was the first experience at Strand-Capitol a few years ago that I truly believe will be life-changing for our entire family.”

-Ilene S.
Upperco, MD


“There are so many great experiences that I have had at the Strand-Capitol that it is hard to find just one. However, one of my top ten experiences was seeing the Tartan Terrors there last year. I had seen them previously at various Celtic events and found them enjoyable. At the Strand-Capitol, though, they were amazing. The music was great, the skits funny, and the dancing was quite entertaining.”

-Kim C.
York, PA


“My favorite Strand-Capitol experience is always entering the theater. The atmosphere created by the design and decor always takes my breath away.”

-Emily R.
Dallastown, PA


“The ushers are amazing. They take the time to chat, ask where you are from and want to be sure that your experience at the Strand is top notch!”

-Patricia F.
Wilmington, DE


“Every time I attend a show, I think it is my favorite until the next one. The KD Lang shows were both wonderful. The Dr. John, C Muselwhite and Shmekia Copeland was fantastic. Lewis Black and Kathleen Madigan made me laugh until my sides hurt. Every show is marvelous.”

-Kate G.
York, PA