Save Your Seat in Strand History

Memorialize a loved one, an organization, event or special occasion with a personalized inscription on the chair arm.

When you attend an event at the Strand Theatre, have you ever noticed the many names inscribed on the seats throughout the auditorium? Each named chair arm represents a donation made by individuals and businesses in support of the Strand-Capitol and in appreciation of the importance of the performing arts in York and south central Pennsylvania. These donors have played a major role in supporting the Strand-Capitol and you can, too.

Seats are still available for underwriting. We invite you to join many others and make a lasting gift to the Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center, while at the same time recognizing, honoring or memorializing a loved one, a business or an organization or someone special – even yourself.

A named seat can be a unique gift to recognize a special occasion. You can be sentimental or clever when selecting your personalized message on your seat(s). Messages may simply be your name or might start with:

 Presented by… In honor of… In memory of… Remembering special nights together…

Underwriting a seat is a tax-deductible $2,500 donation. Download our Take Your Seat order form and mail it to the Strand-Capitol with your contribution. If you have any questions or would like to order over the phone, please call the Development and Advancement Office at 717-825-2235. Gifts may be paid in full or with an annual payment of $500 over five years. Pledges may be paid by cash, check, charge or gift of stock.

Whatever inscription you choose, your gift will benefit the Strand-Capitol endowment fund and will support York’s beautiful, historic venues forever.

Take Your Seat Order Form
Download and fill out the form above and return it with your payment to:

Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center
50 N. George Street
York, PA 17401