Bad weather? Change of plans? No Problem!

The Strand-Capitol’s Cheerful Refunds Policy means you can enjoy stress-free ticket buying!

Buy your tickets with confidence! Refunds are cheerfully offered at any time for any reason for performances presented by the Strand-Capitol. No questions asked!

The Cheerful Refunds Policy is this easy:

1. Contact the Box Office at 717-846-1111 or email
2. Include the name of the show and the name of the Customer who purchased the tickets
3. Sit back, relax and let the Box Office handle the rest

(Please note:  To be eligible for the Cheerful Refunds offer, tickets must be purchased through the Strand-Capitol box office or online at Refunds will only be made during the current season. This offer does not apply to tickets bought on third-party websites or by brokers or third parties. This offer applies to purchases only made by Customers for their own use. For additional details regarding restrictions, please call the Box Office at 717-846-1111.)

Marquee Dining Events
Due to the caterer’s deadline, Marquee Dining tickets are NOT refundable less than five business days prior to the show. Show tickets themselves, which must be purchased separately from the Marquee Dining tickets, are refundable per the Strand-Capitol’s usual policy.

Ticket return policies for performances such as theatre rentals that are not Strand-Capitol shows may differ and are clearly outlined on the event page in the calendar. The Box Office is available to answer any questions you may have or to assist with the refund process.

Group Tickets
Some restrictions may apply to tickets purchased using the 10% group discount. Please contact the Strand-Capitol Box Office at 717-846-1111 for more details.

For questions or assistance, contact the Strand-Capitol Box Office at 717-846-1111 or email