Our Mission

A non-profit’s mission serves as the guidepost for the organization. It is why we exist, and helps us understand what we should do, and should not do.

The mission of Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center is to enrich the quality of life in our community by engaging the region in a diverse arts program which promotes the arts through:

  • audience development
  • education
  • entertainment
  • collaboration
  • community interaction

while supporting economic development and ensuring the financial stability of our organization and the historic integrity of our buildings.

STRAND-3-legged-stool-graphic_withwordsWhen we talk about our mission, we present it as a stool with three legs, with one leg being the shows on our stages, or presentation. The second leg is education, and the third is community service. We have made great progress over the past few years in each of these key strategic areas.  To learn more, please visit our Education and Community pages.